Business Owner's Insurance

Comprehensive BOP Insurance Coverage

Approach Insure LI Agency Inc to get a business owner's policy (BOP) for protecting your investment! General liability in a business owner's policy typically covers:

  • Property damage - If your work or an employee damages customer property, BOP insurance can help pay the repairs or replacement costs.
  • Bodily injury - If someone other than an employee gets injured on your property, BOP insurance helps with medical and legal expenses and covers other damages.
  • Product liability - If your business sells products that might harm people or property, property and liability insurance is suitable for you. It pays for legal expenses associated with product liability lawsuits and any necessary medical expenses.
  • Libel, slander, and copyright infringement - BOP insurance can also protect you against some lawsuit expenses from advertising injury, which can include disparaging another business in your ads, stealing an idea for an advertisement, and more.
  • Your building or leased space - This coverage protects the damages to the building you own or a building where you provide insurance coverage as part of the lease.
  • The contents of your building - Property insurance covers inventory, equipment, tools, and other people's property inside your building that can suffer damage by an employee, theft, natural disaster, or weather.
  • Income from your business - After property damage, you could be covered for the expenses required to resume business. This coverage can cover net income, payroll costs, and even temporary business relocation. This insurance is sometimes known as "business interruption insurance" or "business income insurance."
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General Liability Coverage

Protect Your Business With General Liability

General liability insurance policies are dependable and easy to understand. At Insure LI Agency Inc, we take great strides to make it easy to receive affordable general liability insurance to protect your business.

A general liability insurance policy is savings and protection all in one, giving you an extra benefit. It ensures your business has financial protection from unforeseen claims. It is not always required by law, but certain contracts or lease arrangements may require this type of coverage.

General liability protects you from the costs of:

  • Property damage - General liability insurance may pay for the cost of replacement if an employee damages customer property.
  • Bodily injury - This insurance can pay for medical expenses, legal expenses, and damages if someone other than an employee gets injured on your property.
  • Product liability - If your business developed or sold products that caused harm to people or property, this type of insurance can pay for legal expenses associated with product liability lawsuits and medical expenses after an injury.
  • Libel, slander, and copyright infringement - This coverage can pay for lawsuits from advertising injury, including disparaging another business in your advertisements, stealing an idea for an ad, and more.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Dependable Commercial Auto Insurance

You need commercial auto insurance if you have vehicles driven by employees or used for business activities. Personal auto insurance doesn't typically cover vehicles used for work purposes.

Turn to Insure LI Agency Inc for dependable commercial auto insurance. This type of insurance is also suitable for contractors as it covers transporting tools and supplies and traveling between job sites.

Workers' Comp and Disability

Affordable Workers' Compensation Insurance

Trust Insure LI Agency Inc professionals to help you choose the right workers' compensation insurance that meets state and business requirements at a price you can afford. Your coverage can grow with your business with additional products designed to protect your business.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Get the Additional Coverage You Need for Your Business

Commercial umbrella insurance offers additional coverage beyond your general liability, EPLI, or commercial auto insurance coverage.

If you are sued for damages that exceed the coverage limits of your general liability policy, an umbrella policy can help you pay the remaining costs. Contact Insure LI Agency Inc today for a FREE quote on commercial umbrella insurance!